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Our Reputation

Kind words from happy clients

Fast Service!

Thank you very much! The service was great. Fast! Very clean! Great clean up job. We would like to have you back in the future!

Marlboro, VT
Accomplished our Critical Needs

I was very pleased with how the job went and I think that we would like to utilize your team again in the future. We were able to accomplish all of our critical needs and Bill was great to work with.

Hardy M.
Wilmington, VT
Exceptional Team

I can't think of enough good things to say about your team. They were professional, thorough and pleasant.

Healthy trees thanks to you!

Two years ago you strengthened our two trees infected with cytospora, but were not very optimistic about the likely outcome. Both trees are doing well!!! There seems not to have been any notable progression, and both have put out new growth again.

Harold W.
Whitingham, VT
Kept our Home Safe

We truly appreciate the responsiveness of Black Diamond Tree Service in accessing the damage from the ice storm at our property and the timely schedule of addressing our issues. Thanks for being there for us and keeping our home safe.

Christine & Miller S.
Quick Response in Ice Storm Emergency

The most severe ice storm in many years left our house with a tree leaning on it and innumerable branches hanging from other trees and littering the grounds. With a forecasted two plus foot snowstorm approaching, we called Black Diamond to remove the tree leaning on the house, cut down the hangers and remove the downed branches. Black Diamond accomplished the clean up with only one day's notice.

Dennis S.
West Dover, VT
Beautiful Work

We commend you for the beautiful work you did at our home in Wilmington. We now have lovely views into the woods and are enjoying the trails you created from the chips of fallen trees on our property. It was a comfort to know we could be absent while the work was done in a knowledgeable, tasteful and neat manner.

Marie D.
Wilmington, VT/Wilton, CT

I wanted to let you know that we all thought the services provided were outstanding and appreciate the job that Bill and his crew did. I was particularly impressed with the skill with which the large Maple tree was taken down, given the other surrounding trees and the proximity to the house! I greatly appreciate the ease with which we were able to schedule with you and the prompt and efficient manner in which the job was handled. Thank you again for all of your assistance.

K. D.
Wilmington, VT/Chicago, IL
Bill listens carefully, contributed a great deal to our planning process

We have used Black Diamond Tree Service, Inc. extensively over the past few years. Woods and brush had encroached on our property for more than thirty years; lake views had almost disappeared, old stone walls had become invisible, and the walls of green around our meadow were almost impenetrable. After frequent and detailed discussions with Bill Foery and many hours of clearing work, we got what we wanted. Bill and his team understand and appreciate landscape design. They were as sensitive to over cutting and butchering the woods as we were. Most impressive to us, they listened carefully to our ideas, concerns, and objectives and were always careful to follow instructions. They participated in the whole planning process and contributed a great deal to it.

Barrett P.
Whitingham, VT/Manchester, MA
Removed Trees Close to Buildings with Great Care

Our experience with Bill and the Black Diamond team was outstanding. Bill provided good advice right from the start helping to save the best trees on our lot while clearing the property. The crews worked hard in all conditions. The job was completed as planned and clean up was perfect. I would also like to note my appreciation for the care that was used while removing some trees that were very close to existing structures. The trees were removed and you would never know that anyone was there.

Drew F.
West Dover, VT/Carbondale, CO
High Standards & Expertise

I'm very pleased with the work that was performed. It was done in accordance with Bill's usual high standards and level of expertise.

Norm S.
Stratton, VT
Knowledgeable People

Bill and Josh did a nice job. They were safe and did not take shortcuts to get the job done in a hurry. As an Operations Director at Connecticut Light and Power, I appreciate good, safe work done by knowledgeable people when I see it.

Mark B.
Whitingham, VT/Colchester, CT
These People Are Artists

We had some sick trees close enough to our house for us to lose sleep whenever the wind blew hard. One call to Denise and Bill at Black Diamond put us at ease. What a pleasure it was to witness professionals Jason & Brendan performing at (literally) the top of their game. Black Diamond's combination of fitness, confidence, experience and excellent equipment turned what could have been a nightmare scenario into a problem solved! These people are artists. Thank you, we're sleeping much better now.

Loraine & Skip M.
Wilmington, VT
Gracious, Polite

The crew did a wonderful job! They are gracious, polite and so nice to be around. They know how to listen and respond well. They're really something special. They did a wonderful clean up and I am very pleased!

Marlboro, VT/NYC
It looks Perfect!

The crew did a wonderful job! It looks perfect! It's exactly what we wanted done. Excellent judgment on what to trim! 

Wilmington, VT/Columbia, CT