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Kind words from happy clients

Bill listens carefully, contributed a great deal to our planning process

We have used Black Diamond Tree Service, Inc. extensively over the past few years. Woods and brush had encroached on our property for more than thirty years; lake views had almost disappeared, old stone walls had become invisible, and the walls of green around our meadow were almost impenetrable. After frequent and detailed discussions with Bill Foery and many hours of clearing work, we got what we wanted. Bill and his team understand and appreciate landscape design. They were as sensitive to over cutting and butchering the woods as we were. Most impressive to us, they listened carefully to our ideas, concerns, and objectives and were always careful to follow instructions. They participated in the whole planning process and contributed a great deal to it.

Barrett P.
Whitingham, VT/Manchester, MA
Removed Trees Close to Buildings with Great Care

Our experience with Bill and the Black Diamond team was outstanding. Bill provided good advice right from the start helping to save the best trees on our lot while clearing the property. The crews worked hard in all conditions. The job was completed as planned and clean up was perfect. I would also like to note my appreciation for the care that was used while removing some trees that were very close to existing structures. The trees were removed and you would never know that anyone was there.

Drew F.
West Dover, VT/Carbondale, CO
High Standards & Expertise

I'm very pleased with the work that was performed. It was done in accordance with Bill's usual high standards and level of expertise.

Norm S.
Stratton, VT
Knowledgeable People

Bill and Josh did a nice job. They were safe and did not take shortcuts to get the job done in a hurry. As an Operations Director at Connecticut Light and Power, I appreciate good, safe work done by knowledgeable people when I see it.

Mark B.
Whitingham, VT/Colchester, CT
These People Are Artists

We had some sick trees close enough to our house for us to lose sleep whenever the wind blew hard. One call to Denise and Bill at Black Diamond put us at ease. What a pleasure it was to witness professionals Jason & Brendan performing at (literally) the top of their game. Black Diamond's combination of fitness, confidence, experience and excellent equipment turned what could have been a nightmare scenario into a problem solved! These people are artists. Thank you, we're sleeping much better now.

Loraine & Skip M.
Wilmington, VT
Gracious, Polite

The crew did a wonderful job! They are gracious, polite and so nice to be around. They know how to listen and respond well. They're really something special. They did a wonderful clean up and I am very pleased!

Marlboro, VT/NYC
It looks Perfect!

The crew did a wonderful job! It looks perfect! It's exactly what we wanted done. Excellent judgment on what to trim! 

Wilmington, VT/Columbia, CT 
Great Job!

Great job! The crew cleaned it up beautifully! It really opens it up nicely and we can't wait until you can come back and do some more! Thank you so much!

Wilmington, VT/Huntington, NY
"Caring, and neat"

Bill did a marvelous job! He is something to watch - very skilled, professional, caring, and neat. The crew cleaned up beautifully! Nothing but satisfied!

Walter F.
Nice & Neat

Thank you. GREAT Job! Nice and Neat. Nice to work with someone that does what they say.

Dave Y.
Wilmington, VT
"Everything looks GREAT!"

Hi Denise! Everything looks GREAT! It was so obvious from the road as we approached the house that tree work had been done -- not in the sense that you could tell where the cuts were made, but rather in how clean and healthy everything looked! I especially love how Bill shapes the apple tree on the lower corner of the house so that it curves around the house and can be seen from all of the windows inside on that corner of the house. The cabling definitely lends a nice touch of security and is barely noticeable and the clean-up was meticulous, as always!!

Linda C.
"We really appreciate the careful job"

Hi Denise - my wife and I were up at our place this weekend and WOW were we impressed with the job your team did removing the tree between our house and our neighbor's house. There was almost no sign you were even there. We really appreciate the careful job your team did. Thanks very much.

Nothing is impossible!

Great success! After crashing into a tree in a remote forest of Vermont, our Mavic drone is on its way back to New York in perfect condition. Thank you so much to Bill and Denise of Black Diamond Tree Service, Inc.! They brought a crew, triangulated GPS down to a probable tree, and after hours of searching and studying our evidence, scoped the drone 66' up in a hemlock tree via a cherry picker they positioned off the main road. The trail was too restricted to bring the cherry picker through the forest, so Bill climbed through the needles and after a few tough hours, he came back down with our drone. Bill and Denise are so devoted to their work and I am truly amazed at their determination and resourcefulness. Nothing is impossible! Thank you!! We're going to savor the footage!

Albert C.
via Facebook
Just Amazing Customer Service!

So, I was really tired and was going to bed early....but (of course) the lure of Facebook kept me downstairs. THANK GOD.
About half of the large maple tree out front came down, and right through the wall next to my bed. Lamp on the floor, plaster everywhere. So, maybe it was a little more than a foot from where I lay my head. But not much more. When a tree falls on your house, it DOES make a sound. A very loud one. The tree is down and a super-duper awesome "Atta boy" goes out to Black Diamond Tree Service, not only for getting here and getting everything down in ONE DAY but for patching the hole in my house and covering the damaged part of the roof. Not what they were hired to do - just amazing customer service! Big fat THANK YOU!

Sarah S.
West Dover, VT
"Their work was top-of-the-line"

What a great group! Denise and Bill are super folks and clearly know what they are doing. They cleared away some trees that were way to close to the house. They also identified potential not so obvious issues and took of that as well. Their work was top-of-the-line; when done the folks cleaned the yard of limbs, branches, etc.. They left us some wood, which we will split and use next year, while taking away other pieces they chipped. All in all, we strongly recommend Black Diamond if you have any tree work needs whatsoever. We'll have them back next year.

Ira C.
via Facebook
Highly recommended

I just used Black Diamond Tree Service and they did a fantastic job. Jason and Aaron especially did an awesome job cleaning up the property. I highly recommend them.

Peter G.
Wilmington, VT
Highest Quality & Very Responsive

I've had the pleasure of doing business with Bill and Denise on numerous occasions over the past ten years ranging from tree work and landscaping, to most recently, snow removal from the roof and surrounding foundation of my house. Bill and his staff are very responsive and detail oriented and I can rely on the fact that the work performed will be the highest quality and consistent with my expectations. In addition, the personal service and professional demeanor of the entire staff is much appreciated and very rare in service based organizations. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Black Diamond for the multitude of services they perform.

Norm S.
Stratton, VT
Tree equipment suited for snow removal

I recently contracted with Black Diamond Tree Service to remove snow from the roof of my house. The company is fully insured and I was impressed to see that the two crewman actually strapped themselves into the lift when they worked on the roof. They cleared a path to the propane tank and generator which had become impossible for me to clear due to the amount of snow. They made sure that all furnace and dryer vents were clear and widened the driveway, making visibility out to the road much safer. Their tree equipment was perfectly suited for snow removal and I was very happy with the work. I would certainly hire them again, should the need arise.

Helen E.
Stratton, VT